Unico Zelo Fresh A.F 2023


Fresh A.F, made from predominently Nero d’Avola is Unico Zelo’s favourite red grape. Nero is a variety which thrives in the warmer climate of Australia, in particular the Riverland. It’s sustainability in drought conditions is a major factor in Unico’s passion to showcase this variety, alongside the fact that it helps them create a style of red they love – a deliciously bright, aromatic and fresh red wine without the need for acidification.

Brendan’s insight in to Nero d’Avola is frankly always inspiring. As I understand from talks we have had over the years Nero d’Avola is a Isohydric plant. This is not the case for varieties such as Shiraz, widely planted in Australia. An Isohydric behaves by effectively shutting off the ‘valves’ to it’s leaves during periods of high stress/temperature, thus preventing the vine from dehydration. You can see why it’s perfect for both the sun soaked slopes of Sicily and the warmer climbs of Australia. It protects itself, thus meaning less water usage required.

This 2021 release is 100% sourced from the Ricca Terra Farm in the Riverland. 86% Nero d’Avola, 14% Zibbibo. 100% hand picked, important to note here that machine harvesting Nero is fraught with issues due to the large canopy/foilage Nero produces during the growing season so hand picking is a necessity. Zibbibo comes from the wondrous old bush vines, 75 to 80 years old which they also use as the base for the Orange wine Esoterico.

Both varieties are picked on the same day. Destemmed, crushed and co-fermented. Pressed off to tank to go through malolactic, then racked off gross lees to bottle. Light filtration. Vegan.

“We’re intensely passionate about Nero d’Avola and it’s clear potential in the warm, sun-drenched spots of Australia. The insane water-efficiency of this variety coupled with no additions in the vineyard or winery (save for a small component of SO2 at bottling) displays the potential for this variety to craft succulent, juicy, aromatic and supremely refreshing wine. A touch of ancient vine Zibibbo lifts the aroma into supreme smashability. Fresh. A.F. You’ve been warned” – Unico Zelo


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Region: Australia, Adelaide Hills   South Australia  

Categories: Red, Nero d'Avola Zibbibo

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