Renato Fenocchio Vino Rosso 58 2019


The Fenocchio family’s agricultural roots in Barbaresco trace back to the early 1800s. In 1993, Renato and Milva established Azienda Agricola Renato Fenocchio by acquiring a prized plot in the renowned Staderi Cru in Barbaresco. Over the years, their holdings expanded to encompass 8 hectares spread across Barbaresco, Treiso, and Neive villages.

Crafted from the 100% Nebbiolo Rosé clone, planted in 1958 on a 0.5-hectare parcel in the Starderi Cru with a favorable South West exposure, this wine diverges from the typical Starderi bottling approach. Instead of blending into the main Starderi production, this particular clone undergoes a distinct process. The grapes are picked separately and subjected to a shorter skin fermentation period of approximately 5 days. After this, the juice is pressed off into tanks to complete the fermentation. Notably, no oak is employed in the winemaking process. The objective is to showcase the clone’s more delicate and aromatic qualities. As it doesn’t undergo the oak aging period mandated by the Barbaresco DOCG, it is designated and bottled as a Vino Rosso. This elegant and charming wine captivates with its finesse, making it a delightful and pleasing choice for enthusiasts.

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Region: Italy, Piedmonte  

Categories: Red, Nebbiolo

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