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Ten Minutes by Tractor

Ten Minutes by Tractor is known for its highly experienced winemaking and vineyard teams who possess an in-depth understanding of every square meter of their vineyards. It is through this knowledge that they meticulously craft and assemble each of their wines.

Their commitment to sustainable practices is evident in their vineyard management approach. They cultivate all their soils under vine mechanically and foster biodiversity by growing cover crops between vineyard rows. This not only supports natural pest control but also promotes nutrient cycling, soil health, and the overall well-being of the vines.

At the heart of their vineyard management philosophy lies the cultivation of vineyard soils and the implementation of sustainable practices. This approach aims to preserve and enhance the natural terroir of their vineyards, ultimately resulting in the production of superior wines.

They adopt a low intervention approach to winemaking, utilizing natural and traditional processes to elevate the complexity, elegance, and balance of their wines. A notable aspect of their winemaking is the use of indigenous yeasts across all their wine varieties.

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