Champagne Fleury

Fleury Family

“The original and some would suggest the best of the Biodynamic Champagnes (certified by Ecocert and accredited to Demeter and Biodyvin), Champagne Fleury is based in the less than entirely fashionable Cote des Bars and excels in the production of Pinot Noir” –  Berry Brothers & Rudd

Fleury was the first Champagne House to be certified Biodynamic, quite the feat in the challenging Cote des Bars subregion of Champagne.

Champagne Fleury was founded in 1895. It’s perhaps their more recent history that has brought them such attention. Jean-Pierre Fleury started with an experimental seven-acre plot in 1989 and converted all the family vineyards by 1992 to certified Biodynamic farming. The great thing about them is that they have been biodynamic for so long that the vines have now gained maturity under the natural inclinations of this rigorous regime.

All 15 hectares that Fleury own (90% of which is Pinot Noir) are cultivated using biodynamics, which makes them the largest biodynamic producer in the entire Champagne region.