Las Vino – Margaret River, Western Australia

Producer Profile – The Story

RAISON D’ETRE – L.A.S stands for Luck Art Science The ART of creating wine from essentially water and sunlight. The LUCK of the weather, the wind and the water  during vintage. They say you need to know the rules to break them, we can thank SCIENCE for giving us an excuse to break the rules and create  something different and interesting.– Nic Peterkin

“The New Guard” – Mike Bennie Gourmet Traveller January 2015

Domaine created by Nic Peterkin of Pierro/Cullen blood wanting to express his own passion for the region

Nic’s day job so to speak is crafting the iconic wines of Pierro. He is probably already over the comparisons but when you’re the son of the founder  of Pierro Dr Mike Peterkin and Shelly Cullen it’s hard not to take note.
When I first met Nic it was obvious he wasn’t just doing this to prove a point by not making SSB or Cabernet Sauvignon but because he believes this great region of Margaret River has more to offer. His attention to detail doesn’t simply stop at what is frankly very smart packing. Going back to the origin of what’s in the bottle he is hand picking, hand sorting, hand stirring. Its serious business and a clear vision of quality.