Paul Pujol, winemaker, Prophet’s Rock, Central Otago, NZ

“Neil and his team at Francaboutwine are friendly, engaging, open, honest and extremely passionate about wine, their portfolio and their wineries. The portfolio is of an extremely high quality, focussed on smaller producers with none of ‘the usual suspects’. They strive for deep understanding of their suppliers in order to best represent them. It is easy to get fooled by a big or fancy portfolio – ultimately you need to be with people who understand your wines and who are well regarded in the industry. Our Australian sales are the highest they ever been, we’re placed across the top profile restaurants and retailers in the country, and our profile has increased from poorly known to well recognised.”

Rebecca Lines, co-owner and sommelier, Banksii

“Neil understands the true nature of building and maintaining relationships in order to achieve the growth he wants for his company. This means as customers we become a part of his journey. It’s a shared loyalty that is built on mutual respect and wanting to see one another succeed. He’s generous and loyal by nature, has an eye for detail and an acute sense for quality but can always offer value to his clients.”

Seamus Brandt, sommelier, Bennelong

“Working with Francaboutwine is a delight. Neil’s approach has always been one of professionalism, punctuality and genuine care. His ‘over and above’ approach to the brands he represents greatly benefits the guest experience in the restaurant. The portfolio has a great balance of local and imported options to suit a range of restaurants and that is why I look to Francaboutwine when developing my wine lists.”