Anne Sophie Dubois Fluerie Les Cocottess 2021


She makes Les Cocottes with 100% whole cluster and using carbonic maceration. It is released the Spring after the vintage after 6 months in vat an a touch of barrel. It’s intended to be fruit driven and drunk early & often.“If a wine can be called joyful, I’d apply that word to this juicy, bright, eminently glugable cru Beaujolais. A wonderful expression of the Gamay grape” – Wall Street Journal

“Anne-Sophie Dubois organically farms about 20 acres in Fleurie. She is one of a small number of Beaujolais producers who generally do not use semi-carbonic maceration, the typical winemaking method in the region. Instead, she makes her Fleuries in a method more typical in the rest of the winemaking world, destemming the grapes and fermenting them in the usual fashion. Those wines often require some aging. However, with this cuvée she does use the semi-carbonic technique, in which whole bunches of grapes are piled into large vats. Those on the bottom are crushed and begin to ferment, producing carbon dioxide, which induces a different, intracellular fermentation in the bunches on top. The result is a Fleurie that is great to drink now: fresh, energetic and pretty, with an underlying earthy note” – New York Times

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Region: France, Beaujolais   Burgundy   Fluerie  

Categories: Red, Gamay

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