“An extraordinary micro negociant in Beaune. Very serious quality” – Jancis Robinson

“This bright, hard working, extroverted man has created in a few short years one of burgundy’s finest independent negociant firms” – Wine Advocate

Producer profile – The Story

RAISON D’ETRE – Over 54 different 1er Cru and Grand Cru from Burgundy each vintage

MICRO-NEGOCIANT – Mounir and Rotem Saouma’s model has been simplistic from the beginning. Scour and negociate the best parcels possible from the Cote d’Or’s greatest 1er and Grand Cru vineyards and lieu-dits. No easy task considering these are the most sort after plots. Despite being a real charming man he wasnt without connections to help win over the grower (see below)

THE ENLIGHTENED MONK –  The name Lucien le Moine is a tongue in cheek reference to Mounir’s past. He studied and worked in a Trappist Monastery in Lebanon where he discovered Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. We know the monks have been instrumental in shaping Burgundy wines for centuries.

MODERN OR JUST OLD SCHOOL – Mounir seems to so often be labelled a ‘modernist’ due to his long elevage technique, lack of sulphur use and no racking hence alot of work with the lees. In fact, as he says himself its “as traditional as it gets” given the winemaking history of Burgundy. He cellar gets very cold during Winter preventing the normal malolactic fermentation extending the elevage which he passionately believes give the soul to the end product.

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