“Gregory Hecht and François Bannier’s young négociant operation promises to be an outstanding source for polished, concentrated wines of the Languedoc and Roussillon and great value” – Robert Parker

Profile Profile – The Story

RAISON D’ETRE – Syrah based wines from St Chinian and Languedoc

BELIEF IN THE REGION – Hecht + Bannier are two guys passionate about proving that their area of France can produce  some of the greatest wines in France. “To conserve the typical Mediterranean strength in our wines while preserving balance and crispness, is our mantra for all the appellations we produce”

NEGOCIANT  – Sometimes we think about negociants as a less romantic way to make wine. Hecht and Bannier have no set contracts allowing them each year to focus deeply in quality. They buy both grapes and wines that have finished primary fermentation.”Today we are known as the Maison de négoce who pays the highest prices for buying its wines. We are proud of this” – h+b

AGING – After sourcing the wines an early stage H+B are very keen on using large format barrels. Demi Muds hold 600ltr and are the traditional barrel of their region. The larger formats promote a softer micro-oxygenation, a style they prefer for their wines.

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