From the dynamic Unico Zelo team of talent, comes Harvest. A true co-op project, dedicated to helping the growers, who are so often the unsung hero. After all, without the precious contributions of the humble grape growers, we might all be sober!!

So Harvest returns half the profits, of these wines directly back to growers who are struggling against a seemingly never-ending amount of threats – low-prices, undervalued contracts, bushfire (2015), frost (2014), lack of native pollinators (2013), low yield (2012) and rain (2011).

“The rise of this brand has come from our disgruntling at seeing the grass-roots of our industry getting a rough-ride…the response to this new cooperative brand has been honestly startling – from customers and growers alike. The wine tastes bloody good too – after all, it’s a style we’ve trained in crafting for near on a decade between us!” – Brendan & Laura Carter – Owners

“Turn up the texture! Perched on an elevated and exposed site in the protected Northern Adelaide Hills, this Pinot Gris offers a luscious palate weight with generous quince and nashi pear aromatics that appeal for immediate and easy drinking” – Brendan & Laura Carter – Owners

“Grown further down the slopes of Birdwood, Northern Adelaide Hills – where the accumulation of clay gives Chardonnay the ability express more richness and texture, this lightly-oaked example aims to gives refreshment, as well as hint at what the Northern Adelaide Hills can achieve with this noble variety” – Brendan & Laura Carter – Owners