David has been surrounded by vines since a kid, helping his father make wine. He amusingly tells me he first got the bug to be a winemaker when his path crossed with Warren Randall, a still hugely influential man in the South Australian wine business whilst admiring the car he was driving and thought that being a winemaker must be a sweet gig….

After stints in Australia as a winemaker with respected estates such as O’Leary Walker and Sticks he landed a job with Treasury helping to grade vineyards across their huge portfolio of sites, a role David emphasized help him truly grasp the value of site selection and vine age. In 2007 he flew to Piedmonte and worked his first vintage with Cerrato, one of the regions iconic Nebbiolo producers and simply fell in love with the region and the wines they make. Fast forward to today and he now lives full time in Barbaresco, making his own wines under the Fletcher label to critic acclaim.

In addition to his Italian wines David likes to still showcase Nebbiolo from Australian sites and later this year will see the new vintage of The Minion, his multi-site Nebbiolo from King Valley, Pyrennes and Yarra Valley.

This wine is inspired by the tradition of blending that the fame of Barolo and Barbaresco wines were built on. For the Minion, I set out to make a wine that captured the above technique, of multi vineyard blending, using fruit from several regions around Victoria. I don’t like talking about specific percentages or exact vineyard locations, because for this wine it doesn’t really matter and it changes year to year. The focus should be on the wine itself, but more importantly, what Nebbiolo as a variety can do in Australian terroirDavid Fletcher