5 star winery founded in 2000 by Dominique Portet and home to arguably Australia’s most successful dry Rose

Dominique Portet was established following 10 consecutive generations of winemaking in the Portet family, stretching back to the 18th century. Dominque’s father was in fact the winery manager at Lafite Rothschild. Dominique left France in his youth to help his brother form Clos du Val, now one of Napa’s greatest estates. Dominique then went to start his own dream and established Taltarni in 1976 then later Clover Hill in north-east Tasmania. Ben Portet is now at the winemaking helm and like many Australian born winemakers spent time overseas to experience other terriors including vintages at Louis Roederer and Wawick Estate in South Africa where I first met Ben in 2005.

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