Domaine Henri & Gilles Buisson

For generations, the Buisson family has worked in the vineyards, dating back to 1758. Henri Buisson, a pioneer in his own right, bought 5 hectares of vineyards in 1947 and established himself as an independent winemaker, writing the first chapter of the family’s destiny.

Today, the “Henri et Gilles Buisson” estate continues this legacy of independence and freedom, practicing a wine culture that is faithful to its deep-rooted values. Gilles, Henri’s son, and his wife Monica have expanded the vineyard to 14 hectares and built a brand new winery from scratch, investing in vineyard equipment to keep the locomotive running. They have passed on to their children a powerful tool that enables the two brothers to express themselves.

Franck and Frédérick Buisson, sons of Gilles and grandsons of Henri, took over the reins in 2008, inheriting a passion for wines and their terroir. Today, the two brothers manage an almost 20-hectare vineyard that has been certified “BIO” since 2009 and has been fully exploited using biodynamic methods since that year.

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