Ioppa family

“Good Nebbiolo doesn’t just come from the Langhe. All over the northern Piedmont, higher altitude Nebbiolo wines, often easier to consume when young than those from the Langhe, come from areas like Ghemme, Gattinara and Colline Novaresi, just to name a few. This one – from Ioppa, a small, family operation based in Ghemme – is just plain delicious, emphasizing the easy-drinking, darkfruited side of Nebbiolo”. – The New York Times.

Ioppa have owned vineyards since 1852. Situated in Alto Piedmonte, North East of Langhe on the foothills of the Alps. Colder, longer growing season than Piedmonte. More rain during winter. Cooling air from the alps. Note this often means darker Nebbiolo, more colour extraction. No question Alto Piedmonte has benefited from global warming as cold years can be very marginal. Fragile alluvial soils Granite/sand.