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Hommage is North East facing and a lot more sheltered then Lodestone from the elements. A very small plot of just over 1 Hectare planted in 1998 & 1999. Kevin and Tricia are quick to acknowledge that this vineyard was made possible from the generosity of Main Ridge Estate who offered cuttings of the G5V15 Pinot clone. They regard Main Ridge as one of the key founding estates of Mornington, hence the title ‘Hommage’.

“Think Wild strawberry & rhubarb, giving both fresh red fruit and green notes, but in a charming way. More tannin than Lodestone” – Neil – Francaboutwine


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North-facing vineyard of 1.4 hect that was planted in 1999. It’s exposition due North means it gets the most sun exposure of the three climats. It contains the Burgundian clones 114, 115 and 777, as well as MV6. Lodestone is magnetite, an iron mineral abundant in the vineyard soil hence the name.

“Red liquorice with red and dark fruits and a little spicy…I also tasted the 2021’s from barrel at it’s evident this red liquorice is a common note from this terrior. So light in colour in comparison to the other two climats, despite Lodestone and Garamond containing MV6 plantings so it seems very much the soil and topography create this difference in colour. Rocky spot with lot’s of ‘red iron’ – More of this terror in any other vineyard” – Neil – Francaboutwine


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Garamond is East facing and the last to be picked each year. It’s the coolest site given its exposure and is protected from the prevailing winds from SW and West coming across the valley behind the estate. Kevin passionately discussed with me the importance of picking parcel by parcel across this vineyard, despite the vineyard only being 1.2 hectares in size. All planted with MV6 Clone.