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This cuvee is most certainly their ‘house cuvee’, sourced exclusively from their 1er Cru vineyards in Villers-Marmery. Chardonnay actually represents 99% of plantings in this village which makes it very unique in a region that is almost exclusively Pinot Noir.

Bazin own a patchwork of 1er Cru plots, East and North East exposition in this village. For the Blanc de Blancs it comes from three specific plots in the village of Villers-Marmery – Sous la Ville, Fosses & Vole des Puits. Vines age from 10 to 60 years old. Very fine silt and clay make up a very thin top soil, just a few centimetres followed by pure chalk gravels in to silty chalk gravels as you go deeper.

100% Chardonnay. Only Tete du cuvee used, transferred to tank by gravity. Fermented on fine lees in enamel tanks and left for 9 months before elevage. 30% of blend are reserve wines in fact Henriet Bazin use a Solera system for this since 1968. Aged in bottle of a minimum of 3 years. Extra Brut = 5g dosage for this cuvee.


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This superb cuvee is 100% Chardonnay and like the Blanc de Blanc 1er Cru Extra Brut is sourced exclusively from their 1er Cru vineyards in Villes-Marmery. The key differential is that this wine is exclusively fermented in barrel that the family specifically source from oak trees in the same village as the vineyards, with help from a local cooper.

Wine is fermented in these specific barrels then bottled for the aging period for a minimum of three years. Dosage of 4.5 grams. Notes from the owner Nicolas –

“There is no special meaning behind this name. It’s just a name that my wife Marie-Noelle and I really like. A long time ago we had the desire to mature our basic wine in wooden barrels (otherwise we still use enamel tanks but no stainless steel). At first we used used barrels from Burgundy, but this solution did not support our terroir as wine and barrels do not come from the same area. Next we bought new barrels, which were also made from French wood and hoped that our terroir could spread there and take possession of the wood. But we still weren’t satisfied with that. There was still a lack of energy. Finally we found a manufacturer who agreed to make oak barrels from our forest. It was the only way for us to respect our terroir and make a champagne that only comes from our village. The oak was from the Chardonnay site of Villers-Marmery, so we made a single-variety Chardonnay cuvee”


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The Rose comes from the family’s three Grand Cru vineyards in Verzy & Verzenay within the Montagne de Reims. Goisses & Esperances planted with Pinot Noir and the Chardonnay component comes from Renards. Family describe the subsoil as ‘pure chalk’.

Only Tete de Cuvee. The blend itself is Chardonnay + Pinot Noir yet of this 19% of the overall cuvee is red wine, vinified separately and added to the Grand Cru Chardonnay component. Vinified in enamel tank on lees for 9 months then aged in bottle of a minimum of 3 years. 7.5 grams dosage.


The Cuvee Marie Amelie is simply their top expression of 100% Chardonnay only made in great years from their oldest vines from Villers-Marmery. From 3 parcels – Clos, Fosses & Alouettes, with an average age of 50 years old. Silt top soil with a sub soil of gravel chalk as they best describe. Tete de Cuvee, 100% from 2014 vintage fermented in enamel tank and left on lees for 9 months.

Transferred to bottle. Minimum 7 years aging before release. Zero dosage – Brut Nature