Marie-Noëlle Henriet-Rainon & Nicolas Rainon

The story of Henriet Bazin started in 1890 when Gaston Henriet decided to keep part of the harvest and vinify for himself. At this stage the family owned vines and vinified in the village of Verzenay. Year’s on and Daniel Henriet, grandson of the founder married Micheline Bazin whom was the daughter of a winegrower in Villers-Marmery. This joining of the family’s created Champagne Henriet-Bazin.

They now currently own 7.75 hectares across four villages – 6 of which are across 3 villages in the Montagne de Reims – Villers-Marmery (1er Cru), Verzy & Verzenay (Grand Cru). The final 1.75 hectares are from Faverolles et Coemy and planted with Pinot Meunier. Now owned and run by Marie- Noelle & Nicolas.