Eleni et Edouard Vocoret

— Press —

“These 2019’s from @eleniedouardvocoret are delicious. I discovered this tiny domaine a couple of years back and have visited, tasted and followed their progress closely ever since. They made some of the best 2018’s – The attention to detail they maintain is so impressive. These 2019’s are lively and energetic Chablis with real purity and concentration. Tiny quantities. Exquisite wines” – Nick Stock

“In many ways Eleni and Edouard epitomizes the ‘new Chablis’ – young grower with strong winemaking principles, perhaps more artesian in their approach, perhaps offering a more personal take on Chablis and its wines.” – Neal Martin

“..the couple’s accomplished Chablis belies the fact their eponymous estate – Domaine Eleni et Édouard Vocoret – is barely four vintages old.”— Noble Rot Magazine “Wines from the ancient ocean”

“This was one of the visits I was most looking forward to. Edouard Vocoret and his wife Eleni are young by Chablis domaine-owner standards (they’ve just turned 30), and are making some of the most exciting wines in the region” – Jamie Goode

“Vocoret’s 2018 Chablis Butteaux 1er Cru is pure class” – Antonio Galloni

“The four wines I tasted were all distinctive and full of site character, not the easiest thing to achieve in 2018. Readers looking for emerging stars in Chablis will want to keep an eye on Eleni and Edouard Vocoret. These wines are gorgeous, but more than that, they have real personality.” – Antonio Galloni

“The Vocorets are really making splendid wines. Case in point, a 2015 Butteaux ordered at the Chablis restaurant Au Fils du Zinc put in a blistering performance that overshadowed the accompanying bottle from Raveneau” – Neal Martin