Domaine Parent

Anne and Catherine Parent

“This is a Domaine that deserves more attention than it currently receives, a source of pure Pommard” – Neal Martin

The Domaine is situated in the heart of the village of Pommard, currently run by sisters Ann and Catherine Parent. Founded in 1803 they now represent the 13th generation of winemakers in the family and first women of the family to run the domaine.

The Domaine consists of approximately 10 hectares focused predominately on Pommard and its 1er Cru’s. Ann is frankly an institution, responsible for so much advancement for women in wine everywhere. Founder of the association Femmes et Vins de Bourgogne (Women and Wines of Burgundy), took a huge role in the application to the INAO for awarding Epenots GC status and now the estate is fully certifed Organic. In addition it took Ann over 10 years to slowly convert her domaine to a biodynamic approach. In her words she says “I practice biodynamics to protect the soil and the terroir, and for our health. It’s not a fashion, it’s a long term philosophy.”