Domaine Filliatreau

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The history of Domaine Filliatreau starts in 1962, when Maurice purchased an initial plot which contained almost entirely Chenin Blanc plus some land for planting of which they propagated with Cabernet Franc. These plots surrounded the family home. He began simply selling most of the wine to a negociant and the rest to family and friends, bottled unlabelled. In fact, the Cab Franc they planted at the beginning would be made into Rose.

Paul, Maurice’s son took over the operation in 1967 and coincided with the first labelled vintage of Domaine Filliatreau. Other considerable changes took place with Paul replanting all the vineyards to Cabernet Franc, moving from concrete tanks to stainless steel in 1972 at the winery in the village of Chaintres. Winemaker David Cleftcriou has now been with the Domaine for the past 25 years.

The Domaine has continued to push ahead with now 31 hectares in Saumur Champigny across 9 differing villages, majority being south facing. The typicity of Saumur Champigny’s soil is a thin clay topsoil above the famous Tuffeau limestone of the region, of which can be clearly seen at Le Grand Vignolle, a smaller domaine of 6 hectares the family own with actual cave dwellings dug underneath the vineyards into this unique bedrock.

The Domaine became certified Organic from the 2020 vintage and with the hope to be classified Biodynamic via Demeter for the 2022 vintage.