Domaine du Bagnol

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The Domaine du Bagnol, which takes its name from the district where it is located, is one of the oldest in the country. The archives of 1430 mention vineyards in the district of Bagnol and it is in 1867 that appears the first formal trace of the property when occupied by the Marquis of Fesques.

The modern history of the Domaine begins in 1997 when the current owner Jean-louis Genovesi bought it. Since 2003, Sebastien his son is now overseeing all winemaking. They are determined to preserve the authentic character of the Bagnol and Cassis itself. They have been working organically since 2011 and achieved certification in 2014.

Clos Sainte-Magdeleine will always be the ‘Cru’of Cassis and rightly so due to it’s amazing position perched out directly on the cliff overlooking the ocean however it’s neighbour Domaine du Bagnol is a mere stones throw away and I believe offers as much charm and inspiration with a bio and certified Organic approach to this amazing appellation.