Clos Saouma

Rotem & Mounir Saouma

“This Domaine, which now totals 21 acres in Châteauneuf and an additional 22 acres in Côtes du Rhône-Villages, is creating a new paradigm for wine, a statement I don’t make lightly” –  Wine Spectator

Rotem and Mounir Saouma own the iconic micro negociant Lucien Le Moine in Beaune and have been one of the most sought after producers of 1er and Grand Cru Burgundy for some years now. With a passion to own their own vineyards, they made the leap and purchased some superb terrior in Chateauneuf-du Pape to start Clos Saouma. They started with purchasing a 4.5 hectare plot in the lieu-dit Pignan in 2009 as they believe it’s the most elegant expression of Grenache from Chateauneuf du Pape. In addition to their home vineyard in Orange and the 4.5 hectares in Pignan they now own 8.4 hectares in Chateauneuf for red production across all five communes and 2.5 hectares of white Chateauneuf.

One of the key points of difference with Clos Saouma is that 30% of their production is white wine in a region dominated by red wine production. To give context; white wine represents just 3% of the total production of Chateauneuf-du-Pape. If you haven’t experienced Clos Saouma’s whites Inopia or Magis get ready for an experience. They are truly fascinating white wines and often I’ve put them in blind line ups against Grand Cru from Burgundy.

To understand the wines Clos Saouma is to understand their winemaking philosophy of their Burgundian wines. They employ the same techniques they use in Burgundy, yet in the Rhone they manage every stage of the process, starting with the vineyards they own, all aspects of winemaking through to bottling. Refer to the about page or to our Lucien le Moine content to find out more.