Clos la Coutale

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Valmy and Philippe Bernède have inherited their ”savoir-faire” from six generations of wine-growers. Following tradition, the grapes are picked off from the stalks, as befits a wine for laying down. The fermenting process takes place at a temperature of 28°C (80°F), in vats, over a period of 15-18 days. The vineyard is divided up into a number of parcels, each parcel is made to produce a number of carefully selected wines before blending takes place in January, it is believed that this technique is is responsible for Coutale’s distinct house style. Once winter’s is over the wine is put into casks, where it stays for many months. That is where the tannins mature and become silky and the wine thus acquires a fulsome bouquet of dazzling fragrance. Thus, the Clos la Coutale stands, every year, at the highest level.