Château Rauzan Segla

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The career of agronomist and oenologist, has taken Nicolas Audebert from the Champagne region to Argentina and then to Bordeaux. He was able to put the skills and experience acquired at Krug to good use when he managed Cheval des Andes, the Argentine (Mendoza) grand cru, produced in partnership with Cheval Blanc. Returning from the far end of the earth to settle in Bordeaux in 2014, he now works on both sides of the river, crafting the finest Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

“The opposition between the left bank and the right bank means nothing to me”.

Although Rauzan has its own team, Nicolas’ focus in on fostering continuous improvement and synergy between Rauzan-Ségla and Canon. He continues the work of those who have proceeded him at Rauzan-Ségla, while bringing a fresh perspective. Working alongside him at the property, with 30 years’ devoted service, is cellar master, Henry de Ruffray, who ensures the transition from one era to another.



Created in 1989, Segla is produced from vines located on the mosaic of terroirs surrounding the historic centre of Chateau Rauzan-Segla. It derives its name from Baron Pierre-Louis de Segla whose marriage with Catherine de Rauzan gave the full name of the property in 1785. The tower represented on its label was erected in 1905, it marks the entrance of the property and offers a privileged view over the vineyards on one side and the parc of the chateau on the other. Worked by the same team and according to the same requirements as the Grand Cru Classé. Ségla comes from the vineyards that gravitate around the central vineyards.

“Segla is made up of three to four grape varieties and a mosaic of soils with the young vines at the heart of the clay gravel terrace, the clay-limestone satellites near the river and the fine sands near the forest. It is a symphony with an orchestra where all the instruments must balance each other to create a harmonious and at the same time extremely complex whole” – The terrior of Segla by Nicolas Audebert, winemaker