Domaine Bader-Mimeur

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I must admit I was curious on how the family don’t own all of the Chateau de Chassagne Montrachet, 98% seems so close 🙂 The initial Chateau buildings date back to the 13th century. When Charles Mimeur purchased the Chateau in 1919 he was only able to purchase part of the North wing, the cellars and of course the majority of the vineyard attached to the Chateau. There was an existing owner of the remaining part of the Chateau and a small parcel of vines, making up the remaining 2% who didn’t want to sell their piece.

At the time of the purchase the Chateau itself was in ruin, destroyed during the French revolution, of which the arch still remains between the two wings of the property. Eventually the non-Mimeur part and it’s part of the vineyard was sold to a new owner who used the property as the site of the their head office (wine merchant). Hence why it’s not a monopole vineyard of the Bader Mimeur family.

All the wines of Bader Mimeur are made and aged at the Chateau de Chassagne Montrachet.